duminică, 24 iunie 2012

Not right


   - If you wouldn't have done this I would have left you. You would have remained alone. Miserable and alone. But you finally did the right thing in your life. Well done, George! And she looked at him quite satisfied as the radio went on with the news. Some train had derailed not far from their farm.
   - Look, George! There's a man on the side of the road waving towards us. Pull over! George complied and hit the brakes. There was a man who looked like he had been travelling for months, carrying a beard, torn sneakers and dusty clothes. Especially his shirt had lost its color.
   - Good morning! Can you take me to the next city, please?
   - Sure! It's not far. Just put your backpack in the trunk, said the woman in a mild voice. And the man obeyed, so soon the wheels were spinning again.
   - Thank you so much! You appeared to me like a seagull to the sailors after too much time on the sea. I've been waiting for hours for a car to stop. Are you going further than the city?
   - No, just there. We're relocating there. That's why you had to squeeze yourself between all that luggage in the back. Sorry about that, had replied the man.
   - There no problem. I'm very happy as it is. Are you coming from far out?
   - No, just from a couple of minutes from where you were. We had a farm there, but it wasn't too much about it, so now we're going to try our luck in the city...
   - George, don't tell him so, intervened the woman. It's not a matter of luck, it's surely something better than what we had with the farm. It's like being reborn, seeing the world in a new way, more exciting way. You must know what I'm talking about, you're travelling like this for excitement, aren't you?
   - Well, not quite, said the man in the faded shirt. Now I'm going to a funeral, I've got a black suit in my backpack. It was an old friend, haven't talked to him since our school years and now I want to say goodbye and solve some unfinished issues. And by saying this the man turned his eyes to the view revealing to his right. The other felt that it was better to be quiet and didn't shared a word until they got to the city.
   - We'll drop you off here, near the old wooden church. Do you know your way from here?
   - Yes, thank you. And the man then took his backpack, said goodbye and took on the street to the right of the church. It was noon and he was to hurry.

duminică, 3 iunie 2012

Not right


"It surely was a nice farm", seems George to think while he loads the luggage in the trunk.
- Screw the farm!
As if she read his mind, she yelled from the car, where she has placed herself very early. As she sits there eagerly waiting to go, you can see that she still keeps some beauty, especially in those big olive eyes that wouldn't let you think she could even step on an ant, not to say swear. Sure thing George had been a lucky man in his youth. It's not easy to get such a catch, especially if you're a bit over the poverty line and the looks don't push you higher on the social ladder. Many were asking even at the wedding what did she saw in him. Many asked even now why didn't she leave, as she was still carrying some good looks on her. She could have went back to the city, find herself a decent man, that could offer her what she wanted: a good home and good money to raise a couple of children. Why didn't she left? Even she could not answer. Only he knew and understood it when it became clear that things were not going to get better at the farm. It was because of the seed he had planted in her mind long before, when they just went for a few cups of tea at that nice place.
"The seed of hope", he would repeat when she was not around and he was watching the fishes or just fishing in the pond. This seed was a dream of his, that actually made her fall in love with him. It was the dream of a decent life, with kids and joy, a quiet life away from all the noise in this world, a life where he would write and take care of the gardens, and she would read and take care of the children. But the writing didn't work, nor did the children. It seems that she got to know in the end that she does not like such a life. 
- I can't wait until we get to my old town! I've never been so excited since our wedding. I've got so many old friend to meet... Do you remember Denise? We used to have so much fun together. Then I met you...
Yes, she was careful to poison him once in a while with carefully chosen words. It was her only way to take revenge for the seed. That seed in time became poisonous for her. She often cursed him for placing her in his dreams, dreams he should have known he cannot achieve. Rather she started dreaming her own dreams, dreams of what it could have been for her if she would not have met him. This was the poisonous seed that she loved placing in his heart, knowing that he cannot reply to this.
"Mommy always told me not to make her mistake, to marry for love. But I did, I married you and made her believe that it's like a curse on the women in our family. I could have travelled for years, see half the world around. I never got to see Paris! And you told me you will take me there some day... And my old friends went. And I lost them... Last time not even one called to congratulate me on my birthday. That's because they didn't like coming to this place."
But the engine was started and they were moving away from the farm, with their car packed and with her happy on his right. As they go on the main road, he takes a look in the side mirror and sighs a bit. "At least I got the tank in the car", he speaks to his mind and changes the gear.