vineri, 24 august 2012


   She hurried out of the building where the lawyer lived and she could feel how he was looking after her from the window. "He's too much...And too poor", she thought as she hurried her steps on the pavement. She had lied to him like she did so many other times. It wasn't that she could not stand him, but she was afraid of him, of what his feelings might make him do. And that she might also fall into such feelings. "No, not again. Never again. At least not for a man", she continued her thinking and laughed at her last one. She reached the pharmacy, went in for only a few minutes and came out with a small bag. With her eyes on the clock she took a cab, as her next customer was to the other side of the town, on Greenfield 44.
   - You seem familiar, mentioned the cab driver. Have I seen you before?
   - You're a cab driver. What do you think?
   And the driver laughed.
   - You are right, I see a lot of faces. But I don't remember all. There has to be someone special about one to be remembered.
   - Thank you, indeed I am special.
   - Specially beautiful, added he and remained silent until they reached the destination, where she paid with the lawyer's money and hurried into that house on Greenfield 44, without knocking or ringing or anything. 
   - Good afternoon, she said to an old lady standing in the hallway. How are you today, mom? The old lady did not answer, but welcomed here with a grimace.
   - I brought your medicine. The pharmacist confirmed the doctor's opinion that you should get better...
   - Where were you before coming here, cut her the old lady, severely looking, even though powerfully trembling her head.
   - I've been to work, I always tell you this.
   - But you never told me what work you do...
   Silence stood for a few seconds between the two. Then the old lady continued.
   - People are talking bad things about you. Really bad. And I'm too old and sick to believe such things. It would be terrible if they were true. They aren't true, are they?
   - Oh, mom... People will always say bad things.You don't have to believe them. I'm your only one and you raised me well. And I'm working hard to get us out of this place. You'll see, we'll move to a nice place, with nice people and nice weather. Just have more patience, added she as the old lady sat with her head on her shoulder, both on the hallway sofa.