vineri, 6 iulie 2012

Not right


As he standed there, looking at the dead body, all he could do was to ask himself, silently, who was that motionless being. "Correct your thoughts, it is not being anymore". Correcting he did and his attention moved to other motionless things. The pale white of the dead contrasted nicely with the black of the coffin. The white silk or what was it made a nice transition between the two. The ring was no longer on his hand and that hand seemed thinner than he remembered it to be. But the belly was still standing high. "The peasants would judge this and say that he had been rich, blessed with a good life", he thought, awarding himself a smile. Not like the dead, who on his face even dead kept that characteristic grimace. Probably because of it he had now more wrinkles. Many more. "I'm not happy with that", his face was saying at that time, though time for him has stopped.
- Well of course you're not happy with this, he said to himself and sketched a smile. Then, though it was silence, he remembered there were other people there. But no one seemed to have noticed his remark. It was like they were dead too. Except for one, who was checking his shoes. So he went outside, without looking once more at the dead. But before going out the door, he stopped by the man with the shoes, bowed to his ear and whispered "Your shoes are fine, the finest thing in here". And then, yes, he stepped out the door feeling quite joyous.
The sun was shinning beautifully on the sky. No cloud up there, only birds cutting the air down here. He was feeling so full of energy that he could not bear to ask himself if he has ever been so alive. "I had to see a dead man to realize how alive I am. Poor me..." With this thought in mind he went down the five steps of the church, sensing well in his ears the noise his shoes made on that sandstone as the lawyer was coming towards him to shake hands.
- You don't look too shook down.
- Is it that obvious? I'm starting to be ashamed of it.
- Let's go for a walk. There's something I have to show you. It won't take long.

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